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June 2012 Scorpio Career Horoscope

Stay flexible

This can be a busy month that keeps your head spinning, but one where your actions don't necessarily produce the results you desire. That's because June starts with the Sun in diverse Gemini and your 6th House of Work, which can pull your attention in many directions. Flexibility allows you to adapt to a variety of tasks, yet you might not have the time you want to concentrate on any one of them as much as you'd like. Putting more effort into building and maintaining good relationships with colleagues and customers makes sense because charm might get you further than pure productivity now.

Financial issues are highlighted with a Lunar Eclipse in your 2nd House of Income on June 4. This occurs in the risk-taking sign of Sagittarius, reminding you not to spend too much, even if it seems like an appropriate investment in your future. There may be some missing information that will change your plans, which makes patience and a willingness to alter your course a necessity.

You should feel more solid when the Sun switches into sister water sign Cancer on June 20. This occurs in your visionary 9th House of Higher Mind and Faraway Places to arouse hope that's mixed with common sense.

June could end on a rugged note, though, as the Sun clashes with Uranus and Pluto. These transformational outer planets make the first of seven world-shaking squares between now and 2015 that can provoke rebellious feelings and trust issues. Do your best to avoid adding fuel to this dangerous fire.