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March 2012 Scorpio Career Horoscope

Expand your vision

Travel could enhance your professional life this month, with the inspiring Pisces Sun in your 9th House of Faraway Places until March 19. Dealing with people in distant locations is another way to tap into the benefits of this transit. Education is another possibility, but don't invest in expanding your mind unless your heart is into it, too. Feelings matter even if they don't always seem practical or relevant to your career.

Studying something that enhances your creativity and broadens your vision of the world will probably be worth more than specialized technical training now. However, you might be challenged to learn some new skill or system when brainy Mercury fires into innovative Aries and your 6th House of Employment on March 2.

Whether you're pushing yourself to go faster or others are forcing you to pick up the pace, if you move to quickly now, you're likely to make more mistakes. Backtracking to undo errors is common when Mercury turns retrograde as it will on March 12. This starts a three-week period when paying attention to detail and completing unfinished tasks is especially important. Newly launched projects or activities may require more adjustments than usual during this transit.

Your traditional ruling planet Mars is also retrograde until early April, which underscores the importance of refining and improving processes that are already underway rather than starting new ones. Power struggles on the job can be triggered with solar connections with rebellious Uranus on March 24 and provocative Pluto on March 29.