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October 2011 Scorpio Career Horoscope

Make some noise

If you've been ignored lately or have simply been happy to hide in the shadows, that's going to change this month. October begins with sociable Venus, clever Mercury and the expressive Sun in your 12th House of Discretion. This is excellent for working behind the scenes, taking time off to rest and relax, and for quietly reflecting and doing research. Yet in practical terms, you might feel like you're invisible and that you have to make more noise to get some attention.

This starts to change when Venus leaves this shadowy part of your chart and enters Scorpio and your 1st House of Personality on October 8. You're likely to feel more attractive and at ease with people, enhancing your working relationships and increasing your ability to get approval from others.

On October 13 mental Mercury enters Scorpio, sharpening your mind and tuning in to that X-ray vision that allows you to see past the surface and understand others' hidden motivations. Your powers of persuasion are also enhanced by this verbally skillful transit.

The Sun's entry into Scorpio on October 23 completes this transitional trifecta to boost your confidence and provide more physical energy. But if you don't get a lift then, the New Moon in your passionate sign on October 26 is like a dose of jet fuel. Its opposition to expansive Jupiter kicks up your ambitions and can open the door to an enriching alliance. If you're seeking a job, want to propose a plan or go public with a project, you should be ready to go for it then.