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September 2011 Scorpio Career Horoscope

There's no "I" in Team

Teamwork could be the most critical element in your work life for much of September. The reason is that the Sun is in your 11th House of Groups until September 23, so getting along with colleagues and making connections through friends should be major assets in your career now. While it's polite to keep an open mind to what others have to say, the Sun's presence in precise Virgo suggests that you pay special attention to those who have expert knowledge. In fact, your willingness to share what you know with those on your team or others in your field can earn admiration and enduring allies. If you've been sitting on a plan to make a shift in your career, it may be time to start moving on it.

Your modern ruling planet Pluto turns forward on September 16, slowly releasing its potency that powers your ambitions. This isn't the kind of thing that you hurry, though, as careful analysis and reflection are required to manage the Pluto's deep resources.

Mars, the traditional ruler of your sign, enters your 10th House of Career on September 18, which can certainly give a boost to your aspirations. You could be bolder in taking on responsibilities, perhaps even leading a new creative project. This transit adds some confidence but a series of stressful patterns to Venus, the Sun and Mercury in accommodating Libra can make the last half of September feel like it's littered with land mines. Individuals can react abruptly and even badly, tempting you to strike back at a time when pacifying people is a better idea.