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September 2011 Career Horoscope

Successes and Messes

The action planet Mars begins the month in self-protective Cancer, which is better suited for playing it safe and holding onto what we have than taking risks professionally. That cautious pattern changes on September 18 when assertive Mars strides into bold and creative Leo. This dramatic fire sign is tuned to making a more interesting future, which spurs us to take chances by starting new businesses, developing artistic skills, selling with greater gusto and pushing harder for what we want. This can sometimes come across as arrogant or grandiose but there's a remedy for over-inflation when the Sun shifts into well-balanced Libra on September 23.

Libra is the sign of harmony, partnership and social skills that's excellent for smoothing over rough edges and making new connections. Going public with a project or reaching out to new people are other positive expressions of this transit. However, the road to building successful alliances could be a bumpy one at first. That's because the Sun runs into stressful patterns with the disruptive planets Uranus and Pluto. A solar opposition to the former on September 25 can spring surprises while a square to the latter on September 28 could produce power struggles.