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December 2011 Taurus Career Horoscope

Under pressure

Doing business and looking for a job are not easy tasks as the holiday season approaches. Yet you may still be optimistic about your prospects and can get some encouraging responses from others now. The problem is that communicative Mercury is in enthusiastic Sagittarius where people tend to promise more than they can deliver.

This transit is in your 8th House of Sharing, so work associates, partners and potential customers and employers may not be entirely truthful. This is especially true while Mercury is moving retrograde (backwards) until December 13. It's best to take what you hear with a dash of skepticism and to be modest in your proposals to others.

A key issue could arise on December 1, when your alluring ruling planet Venus joins manipulative Pluto. This could complicate a working relationship or expose financial woes. Although it's tempting to close your eyes to unpleasant situations, it's wiser to take things seriously now. You don't have to rush to resolve matters that have deep roots and long-term consequences. If you have any doubts about how to handle the situation, the counsel of an experienced individual should help.

The Full Moon on December 10 falls in your 2nd House of Resources, where it can inspire you to think about additional sources of income. However, with active Mars in hyper-efficient Virgo as part of this event, you can also be more stressed by work than usual. It's easy to overdo it or to let your normally strong nerves get the best of you. If the pressure rises, step back, breathe deeply and think twice before forging ahead.