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February 2012 Taurus Career Horoscope

Make a Bold Move

The month opens with the Aquarius Sun in your 10th House of Career, putting you in the spotlight until February 18. This can increase your responsibilities, but it also can provide greater recognition for your work. It's helpful, though, to think creatively in this forward-thinking sign. Innovative concepts help you keep pace, and understanding team dynamics increase productivity.

Don't be frustrated if your ideas are running well ahead of your ability to implement them now. Old systems may bog down and new ones may still need tweaking to operate effectively. Your ruling planet Venus races into impulsive Aries on February 7, which can provoke impatience. Yet this transit occurs in your secretive 12th House, where you get more results from working quietly to shore up existing professional relationships and diplomatically seeking new ones than making your plans obvious to everyone around you.

If you've got entrepreneurial instincts, the Full Moon in dramatic Leo on the February 7 might provide the creativity and courage to make a bold move. This lunation lands in your 4th House of Roots, increasing your desire to run the show.

Communication with colleagues may become muddled when chatty Mercury enters imaginative Pisces on February 13. While inspiring ideas could provide more energy for group projects, keeping one foot solidly on the ground is a must if you want to turn them into reality. Knowing how to encourage the creativity of others in ways that are practical is a key to being a supportive co-worker and an effective leader.