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January 2012 Taurus Career Horoscope

Take the lead

January starts with the Sun in fellow Earth sign Capricorn, which supports the practical side of your personality. Yet, unlike easygoing Taurus, Capricorn is hard working and ambitious. In fact, it falls in the visionary 9th House of Travel and Education in your chart, reminding you to aim high instead of simply settling for getting by.

Because this house is associated with faraway places and learning, there are rewards for you in these areas. A business trip or professional training can provide the boost you need to raise your status. This requires some well planned boldness. So start by setting a lofty goal, figure out what you need to reach it and then dig in and do the work.

Another reason to aim high now is that your alluring ruling planet Venus is in your 10th House of Career until January 14. This can put you in a favorable position, especially if you're good with people and have a sense of style or some artistic ability. Then sociable Venus moves into your 11th House of Groups, increasing your capacity to work well with others. You may feel like you need to support friends or co-workers who may not be as strong as you, but being generous that takes time and effort now will pay off later. Loyalty is a precious commodity and could earn you a great deal of gratitude and support.

On January 20 the Sun enters Aquarius and your 10th House of Career, putting you in the spotlight and adding to your responsibilities. Learning how to lead and motivate others could be your key to success.