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March 2012 Taurus Career Horoscope

Put your best foot forward

There is a very favorable planetary pattern coming this month that can upgrade your value, earn you more money or just help you to be a happier person. Venus, the planet of attraction, is entering your earthy sign on March 5 and it is likely to make you more desirable to others. Now, this isn't a time to sit on your laurels, but it's the beginning of a four-week period when you may be able to garner more appreciation for your work. If you're seeking employment, this is a great time to put your best foot forward and start making new contacts.

You may need to be patient, though, as you await the results. That's because communicative Mercury is turning retrograde in your secretive 12th House on March 12. Messages can get lost and the flow of information slows during the following three weeks. Discretion is very important during this cycle as confidential information can easily leak if you speak too freely. If you have a chance to step back from the daily grind to get some rest and to re-evaluate your long-term goals, this is an excellent time to do it.

Being a good team player is key until March 29, while the Sun is in your 11th House of Groups. Friends and colleagues can make a radical difference in your levels of satisfaction and success. If you've been involved with a professional organization in the past, consider getting active with them again or seek out a new one to help advance your career interests.