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November 2011 Taurus Career Horoscope

Life of a salesman

Selling is not usually your strong point, Taurus, because you prefer that people appreciate you for who you are without having to try to convince them. However, there may be significant benefits that come from a willingness to make proposals with greater enthusiasm now. Whether you're seeking employment, pitching an idea where you currently work or are trying to engage a potential customer, putting more passion into making your case can make the difference between success and failure.

Your magnetic ruling planet Venus enters outgoing Sagittarius and your 8th House of Deep Sharing on Nov. 2. This suggests that you'll need to be bolder and take some risks to get what you want from others. It may be tempting to let another person play the salesperson role, but it's wiser if you're the one who takes on that task. Assertive Mars shifts into sister Earth sign Virgo on Nov. 10, the same day as the Full Moon in Taurus. This is a double dose of practicality, enabling you to evaluate your worth more clearly and to upgrade your skills. If you're criticized, take it as an opportunity to improve your game. While accepting unfair abuse isn't appropriate, a mature response to an accurate assessment will take you further than pouting or fighting back.

On Nov. 27 Venus forms a favorable 120-degree trine with lucky Jupiter that should get the coming workweek off to a great start. An ideal balance between a visionary plan and practicality allows you to make some big promises that you will be able to keep.