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April 2012 Virgo Career Horoscope

Tie up loose ends

You may feel like you've been under the gun for months. The pressure to perform and the perfectionism that drives you could also be driving you crazy. That's because aggressive Mars, which normally zips through a sign in seven weeks, entered Virgo last November and doesn't leave it until early July.

But you do get a break this month when Mars shifts into forward gear on April 13, having been retrograde since January 23. Redoing work you thought was already completed and patching up lots of little problems is likely to have slowed your professional progress. An upside to this retrograde period, though, is that it's been a great time to tie up loose ends and develop your skills.

While progress may come more easily after April 13, a key date is April 22 with the New Moon in Taurus. This Earth sign is compatible with yours, giving you a sense of having your feet on the ground and your head in the clouds. Fresh visions of your future can inspire you to go back to school or hit the road to turn them into reality. Efficient Mars and potent Pluto form favorable 120-degree trines to this Sun-Moon conjunction, which makes it an excellent launching pad for major projects.

Another boost to your ambition is the forward turn of your brainy ruling planet Mercury on April 4. Information that's been stuck in transit may finally start flowing more freely. If you've been waiting for an important message, you have a good chance of getting it this month.