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August 2012 Virgo Career Horoscope

Work behind the scenes

August is a month with two very different stories about your work life. It starts with the Sun in expressive Leo, which is supposed to be good for creativity. However, this transit occurs in your secretive 12th House of Privacy, which is more about working behind the scenes or taking a step back from your ambitions than pushing ahead with confidence.

You can get more done in private meetings than public ones until the Sun enters your sign on August 22. Sure, you may feel flushes of excitement with the Full Moon in your 6th House of Employment on August 1, or when Mercury turns direct on August 8. Still, you're probably getting lots of information that's going to take some time to make sense.

The Full Moon is enriched with favorable aspects from generous Jupiter that could put more tasks on your professional plate. Just realize that one little additional chore may push you past the level of skill that you're comfortable with. Take in bright ideas, but avoid committing to acting on them right away. Ideally, this Full Moon awakens new professional interests, but it may take further training or education to act upon them.

The passion that comes with the Sun's entry into Virgo on August 22 gets an additional push the following day when active Mars enters intense Scorpio. These two events increase efficiency, as long as you recognize where you can eliminate an activity or two that slows you down, freeing you to put your effort where it has the most impact.