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December 2011 Virgo Career Horoscope

Eyes on the future

All the loose ends, careless talk and sloppy thinking going on around you now can be stressful for your orderly mind. Giving people more slack is a must if you want to maintain your composure.

Mental Mercury, your ruling planet, is moving backwards in enthusiastic but detail deficient Sagittarius until December 13. Every Mercury retrograde period (three weeks long, three times a year) is rife with communication errors, technical and travel bugs and misinformation. This one can be especially difficult because fine-tuned Mercury isn't very comfortable in broad brushed Sagittarius. Do your best to adjust to promises you know won't be kept and plans that aren't rooted in reality.

Making it through the holiday season with as much tranquility as possible could require a great deal of tolerance about work. The upside, though, is the potential to look beyond the petty details of your daily routine to visualize a more inspiring professional future. Still, there is business to attend to, which can become even more complicated with the Full Moon in Gemini on December 10.

This nervous alignment is also a lunar eclipse that lands in your 10th House of Career where it can trigger stress on the job. Spreading yourself too thin is one possibility that is best avoided. Aggressive Mars in Virgo forms a challenging right angle to the eclipse, kicking up the levels of irritation and stress that could reach a breaking point. If it's becoming obvious that your current position is untenable, this could lead you to seek a change of job or even changing your profession.