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February 2012 Virgo Career Horoscope

Listen with Your Heart

You may have to learn some new systems or develop different skills this month. Part of the reason is active Mars' retrograde cycle in your sign. This began in late January and continues until mid-April, challenging you to complete unfinished tasks and deal with duties that can seem boring. However, this is also a chance to sharpen your game by closely analyzing how you work and finding ways to become even more efficient.

The Sun starts the month in your 6th House of Service, which can shine some light on your work habits. This is generally favorable because you are usually very dedicated in whatever you do. However, this transit occurs in the quirky sign of Aquarius, requiring you to adjust your methods in situations that can seem chaotic or weird.

Learning to listen with your heart and not just your head becomes significant on February 13, when your brainy ruling planet Mercury enters imaginative Pisces. This occurs in your 7th House of Others, which can saddle you with spacey partners who lack your precision and clarity. But if you're willing to open your mind a little bit, you may have a better understanding about where others are coming from.

Compassion is a key to strengthening or maintaining work alliances and gaining customer support. The Sun's move into Pisces on February 18 underscores the importance of being kind. Just don't take what people say literally and you'll understand the meaning. Reading their feelings will tell you much more their intentions than simply listening to their words.