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March 2012 Virgo Career Horoscope

Strut my stuff

March begins with the Sun in your 7th House of Others. This can be favorable for lining up some allies or going public with a project. Yet it's also important to be flexible with people because this transit occurs in the sensitive sign of Pisces. If you're overly critical or analytical, it could cost you some support. Obviously, you don't want to deal with sloppy folks or those who lack follow-through, but there are individuals with creative ideas who can enhance your work life through March 19.

The Full Moon on March 8 is significant because it falls in your sign. The positive aspects of this event include greater self-awareness and the ability to get some attention. It's essential that you're sharp and demonstrating the skillful side of yourself then. If you become conscious of a flaw or two in yourself, it's not meant to tear you down. This knowledge can be a gift when it shows you how to improve yourself and increase your value on the job.

Your ruling planet Mercury turns retrograde in impulsive Aries on March 12. This begins a three-week reversal period for the messenger planet, which tends to complicate communications, blur details and produce technological challenges. You might be annoyed with someone who is either too pushy or is simply unreliable. This retro period is best used to repair frayed alliances and to reconnect with allies from the past. Catching up on unfinished work will be more rewarding than impulsively launching new projects.