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November 2011 Virgo Career Horoscope

Reaching higher

There are two very different and interesting trends affecting your professional life this month. The first is a switch to higher ambitions and a greater need for excitement about what you do. The transits that might have you reach toward the sky, or at least dreaming about it, start on Nov. 2 when attractive Venus and your brainy ruling planet Mercury enter adventurous Sagittarius. These occur in your 4th House of Roots, which can stir feelings of restlessness that get you thinking about taking risks in your career. Another firestorm of excitement may be started when the Sun moves into Sagittarius on Nov. 22.

In between these dates are two astrological events on Nov. 10 that fill in the rest of the story. Mars, the planet of action and initiative, enters your sign, spurring you to work harder, sharpen your skills and push ahead in your own self-interest. If you're blocked, don't waste this valuable energy on criticizing or attacking others. Instead, do what you can to improve yourself personally and professionally. Being in top shape physically will provide the strength and stamina to fulfill your vocational potential. The Full Moon in earthy Taurus is also on Nov. 10, which can expand your understanding of financial matters and resource allocation. The solidity of the sign of the Bull is present in your 9th House of Higher Vision, meaning that building a reliable platform and advancing with patience is vital. In fact, Mercury turns retrograde on Nov. 24, which may complicate matters during the subsequent three weeks. Managing small tasks impeccably is more valuable than stretching yourself too thin.