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September 2011 Virgo Career Horoscope

Inspiration and Irritation

September starts with the Sun in your highly competent sign, giving you opportunities to demonstrate your talent and your skill. Your ruling planet Mercury enters Virgo on September 8, which can provide you with sharper insights and supply the words needed to express yourself with greater finesse.

Mercury's harmonious trine with potent Pluto on September 11 deepens your perceptions and increases your powers of persuasion. On September 14, Mercury makes another favorable trine, this time with broadminded Jupiter. The favorable connection between detail-oriented Mercury and big picture Jupiter is useful for planning because of its ideal integration of specific facts with a wider philosophical overview. This pair is also very good for teaching and learning. People tend to trust you when your mastery of the facts is blended with a clear understanding of the larger principles involved.

You will either be inspired or irritated by someone with the emotionally sensitive Pisces Full Moon in your 7th House of Partners on September 12. You might connect with a creative and caring individual whose compassion and imagination make you feel at ease. Yet you can also encounter people who just aren't as competent as you'd like. If this is going to be a successful working relationship, you may have to be more flexible with them than you are with yourself. The Sun and Mercury shift into accommodating Libra and your 2nd House of Income on September 23 and 25, which could open your eyes to new ways to make money or get the most out of your abilities.