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April 2012 Free Love Horoscope

Spring fever heats desire

Relationships may hit their stride this month as two personal planets turn forward in April. Verbal Mercury ends its backward cycle on April 4 to get conversations back into gear. Delays in sending or receiving messages and mix-ups over dates and details should start to grow less frequent then.

Another boost comes from passionate Mars ending its retrograde period on April 13. Taking initiative in romantic matters will become easier, yet this sexy planet is still in discriminating Virgo, where careful choices are rewarded and careless ones prove costly.

Spring fever continues to heat up with the Sun in impulsive Aries until April 19. While more patience may be available with a solar transition into stable Taurus then, this also signals a time when the senses awaken to taste, touch, sound and smell, which puts us back into our bodies. Earthy Taurus also supplies reason to ground us after the fiery impulsiveness of the Aries Sun.

In fact, leaping without looking is especially risky (and exciting) when amorous Venus forms a stressful square with dreamy Neptune on April 5. Romantic feelings are easily spurred, yet common sense and good judgment may fall by the wayside.

Flirt or fight, and perhaps both, are kicked up by Venus square with Mars on April 7. These lusty transits sandwich the Libra Full Moon on April 6, which can mark a significant turning point in partnerships. Finding ways to accommodate others without losing sight of individual desires is a key to making relationships work.