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April 2012 Aquarius Love Horoscope

Live in the moment

Events may be moving quickly in the first part of April as the impulsive Aries Sun lights up your 3rd House of Communication. Conversations can come up anywhere to spark a new connection or stimulate interesting ideas with your current partner. Strong opinions could trigger arguments, so stay cool if you want to make a point or a connection without causing friction.

Messages that may have been lost may finally be found when Mercury turns direct on April 4. The forward shift of this chatty planet also facilitates the flow of ideas, especially creative ones.

Another plus for your personal life this month comes from the love planet Venus. She enters flirtatious Gemini and your 5th House of Romance on April 3, kicking off a month of playfulness and light-hearted provocation. You can expect more fun in your personal life, especially when you don't take yourself too seriously. This transit can show off the quirky side of your personality without you seeming weird.

Experimenting with your appearance is one way to entertain others. Yes, you are ready to put on a show for people, but it's not a major production. You can open yourself up in easygoing ways that make you much more interesting to others. Let yourself be like a kid whose only goal is to enjoy the moment instead of loading yourself down with serious adult expectations and plans. On April 9 Venus aligns favorably with your innovative ruling partner Uranus, which can provide a stylistic or romantic surprise.