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January 2012 Aquarius Love Horoscope

Take action in love

You have two positive astrological influences to enhance your personal life this month. January begins with magnetic Venus in your sign. The love planet will put you in a more appealing light during this transit that lasts until January 14. Your unconventional personality and original style can seem like a breath of fresh air, so don't be timid about expressing yourself openly.

While Venus can put more pizzazz in your current union or help you attract a new one, there may be some reluctance on your part to get too close with others. That's because the heart-centered Sun will be in self-restrained Capricorn and your private 12th House of Secrets until January 20. So, even as you appear to be open and available for all sorts of fun and games, there's a major part of you that might not be ready for full emotional engagement.

That's more likely to occur when the Sun moves into Aquarius and your 1st House of Personality on January 20. This is a significant influence for taking the initiative in romantic matters and encouraging you to be more direct about your feelings. It's never fun to be rejected, but the power of this solar transit is that your self-confidence can be strong enough to overcome almost any personal obstacle.

Even if you're a relatively shy Aquarius, you're better suited to act as a leader at this time. Just don't push others too hard, especially when aggressive Mars turns retrograde (backward) in your 8th House of Intimacy on January 23.