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June 2012 Aquarius Love Horoscope

Fly free

Save plenty of time for fun this month, Aquarius. June begins with the Sun in flirtatious Gemini and your 5th House of Romance, where it can keep the playfulness popping until June 20. Amorous Venus is still backpedaling in this joyous part of your chart, perhaps reconnecting you with old partners or sources of pleasure. If you do spend time with someone from your past, just enjoy it for now, without putting too much expectation into it. That's because you won't know until next month whether what gets started now will stick.

Friends who have been reliable may not be as consistent with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on June 4 that falls in your 11th House of Groups. Your participation in organizations could also be altered by this event. Keeping your commitments light is also a good idea because of your ruling planet Uranus' serious square with potent Pluto on June 24.

This is the first of seven of these aspects that continue into 2015, and it can make you even more sensitive to pressure and control than usual. Your freedom needs are especially strong, perhaps unreasonably so. If you sense that you require more independence, it's better to speak up early instead of allowing pressure to build that could lead to an explosion.

The Sun kicks the Uranus-Pluto square up to a higher level of intensity around June 29, when it forms stressful angles to both planets. Rebellion and resentment are the downsides, but regeneration and breakthroughs are possible when you're open-minded and able to discover new ways to be with someone.