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March 2012 Aquarius Love Horoscope

Connecting and reconnecting

Generally, your mind is your most desirable asset, and you'll have a chance to work it out with new people or in new ways as of March 2. That's when cerebral Mercury fires into Aries and your 3rd House of Communication. The good news is you are able to strike up conversations with just about anyone, and hopefully you will attract bright minds that can keep up with yours. If you're in a comfortable relationship, however, be careful about making comments you think are clever, but which come across as harsh and critical.

Chatty Mercury joins your innovative ruling planet Uranus on March 5, which can excite your intellect with brilliant ideas, but it can also signal impulsive behavior and disruptive speech that could provoke a crisis or lead to a breakthrough. But whatever's been said may need to be revised during verbal Mercury's three-week retrograde (backward) period that starts on March 12. Reconnecting with people from the past and patching up relationships are wise ways to use this cycle.

Mercury then joins electrifying Uranus again on March 18, re-stirring the pot of controversial ideas or giving you another fleeting glimpse of an object of your affection. On March 24 the impetuous Aries Sun joins Uranus, which can spur you to act independently and sharply veer off in a different social direction.