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May 2012 Aquarius Love Horoscope

Proceed with caution

May begins with the life-giving Sun in your 4th House of Roots. This tends to turn your attention inward, either to indulge yourself in the comforts of privacy or to bring more peace and pleasure into your household. Being less active socially is likely until the Sun enters Gemini and your playful 5th House of Romance on May 20.

Normally, this is a "go" signal for pursuing the love that you desire, yet there's reason to be a little cautious about romance at this time. That's because amorous Venus turns retrograde in your 5th House on May 15. The flirty fun you might be having (or are ready to initiate) could turn out to be more complicated than expected.

That's because the 6-week backward cycle of Venus puts twists and turns into relationship matters that can easily get you off track. Yet instead of trying harder to woo someone new or please the one you're with, it is smarter to be flexible now. Commitment to future plans shouldn't be taken too seriously as hearts and minds can quickly change directions.

Still, there's no reason for you to avoid having fun as long as it's on a playful level. Exploring new fields of enjoyment, perhaps even in the arts, is meant to lighten your load and distract you from more pressing matters. This is not merely a means of avoiding difficult emotion, but it is an easy way to produce an adaptable attitude that helps you skirt hard issues so you can be happy right now instead of worrying about tomorrow.