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September 2011 Aquarius Love Horoscope

Strike the Right Balance

You may have to deal with some annoying issues in the first part of September but it's worth putting in the time and effort to resolve them. The month starts with loving Venus and the expressive Sun in detail-oriented Virgo. These transits occur in your 8th House of Deep Sharing, challenging you to define very clearly what you want and don't want in a close relationship. You could attract someone who you believe is trying to micromanage your behavior, which is definitely not your style. Try to be understanding and find a balance where you can compromise to satisfy your partner without feeling like you're giving up too much control over yourself.

September 12 could be a key time because of the sensitive Pisces Full Moon in your 7th House of Relationships that day. Powerful feelings are likely to overcome logic but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes the mind needs to be washed away to go deeper into yourself and discover what you really need. Hysteria is not helpful but uncertainty can be surprisingly informative when you don't overreact to it.

Venus enters lovely Libra on September 14, inviting more sociable times, but her hard aspects to volatile Uranus on September 17 and potent Pluto on September 18 can provoke crises. The Sun follows the same route by entering normally accommodating Libra on September 23 only to run into the planetary buzz saw of Uranus and Pluto from September 25-28. It's time to break past patterns and find new ways to satisfy your partnership needs.