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April 2012 Aries Love Horoscope

Churn up your charm

This can be an exciting month in matters of the heart. April begins with the Sun in your adventurous sign, where you are pushed to take chances in pursuit of new sources of pleasure. Maintaining interest in a current alliance could be challenging, especially if it's fallen into predictable patterns.

Reviving life with your present partner requires a mix of careful calculation and bold action. That's because your passionate ruling planet, Mars, is shifting out of reverse on April 13, driving you to take action. However, Mars is still in Virgo, a sign that rewards precision and planning. This transit is certainly favorable to improving your habits and becoming healthier. But it also challenges you to make some adjustments that are necessary to get along better with others.

The Full Moon on April 6 could be one of the key dates of the year when it comes to relationships. That's because this illuminating event occurs in partner-oriented Libra and your 7th House of Partners. It's a reminder to meet others halfway, and to churn up more charm if you want to connect with someone new or revive romance in your present situation.

Compromises will be necessary, yet think things through carefully because if you ignore your desires and give up too much for another person, you may resent it in the long run. Conversation is the not so secret ingredient that enhances romance in your life. Patiently discussing issues is smarter than impulsively leaping into action.