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December 2011 Aries Love Horoscope

Business before pleasure

Personal messages are mixed when the month starts. The all-powerful Sun is in optimistic Sagittarius and your 9th House of Adventure until Dec. 22. Yet, even if your heart is open to taking chances in the pursuit of love, Venus, the planet associated with amour, is in serious Capricorn where accountability is high. Obligations at work and home can cut into your playtime, especially when sweet Venus joins dark Pluto on Dec. 1. You can feel manipulated or mistrusted with this alignment, so handling alliances with extra care is recommended.

Reining in your enthusiasm, unfortunately, may be a long-term process as your passionate ruling planet Mars will be in practical and perfectionistic Virgo until next July. This transit occurs in your 6th House of Work, emphasizing the need to put business before pleasure. Nevertheless, there will be times when you can relax and enjoy yourself. Mars' harmonious trine with Venus on Dec. 5 while the Moon is in your spontaneous sign can be one of them.

The edgier side of Mars may be showing during the Full Moon on Dec. 10 when wicked words can cut tender hearts. The potential for aggression is also present on Dec. 13 as cooperation may be hard to come by. If situations grow tense, backing away from confrontations will be needed to keep the peace. Alluring Venus, though, puts wind in your social sails when she enters chill Aquarius and your 11th House of Friends on Dec. 20. Going out with a group or connecting with someone through an organization could lighten and brighten your personal life.