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January 2012 Aries Love Horoscope

Privacy, please

Love may be easier to find when you're with a group of friends, part of a team or working for a cause. Amorous Venus is in your 11th House of Pals until January 14, making the line between friendship and being lovers difficult to discern. If you're in a relationship, participating in an idealistic project can add a sense of purpose that strengthens your alliance.

You may be a little less sociable after that because Venus enters your secretive 12th House of Privacy on January 14. Her presence in super-sensitive Pisces can bring feelings of vulnerability to the surface, which you may not want others to see. So even if you're feeling strong, you may appreciate more privacy now.

Spending time alone or with one calm person is likely to be more rewarding than being a social butterfly. In fact, you might not get as much attention as usual with Venus in this obscure part of your chart. Showing your support for people in need is a good way to use this transit. Giving generously of your time to those in need is its own reward and will make you feel better about yourself.

This is also a positive period of time for creative and spiritual work. If you're tired of struggling in relationships, taking a break from trying so hard can provide you with a needed rest and give you a better perspective on your future. This will help you to be less stressed about partners as you balance the need for others with a greater appreciation for how enjoyable life can be on your own.