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July 2012 Aries Love Horoscope

Lookin' good

The month begins with the Sun in sensitive Cancer and your homey 4th House. This tends to emphasize the quieter side of your personality and reduce your penchant for taking risks. Your ruling planet Mars finally ends its seemingly interminable stay in fussy Virgo on July 3, which should give a boost to your personal life. This transit triggers your 7th House of Partners and should increase your attractiveness to others. Yet you could connect with someone who wants more time, attention and energy than you want to give. Letting yourself be lured into making agreements you'd rather not keep might work for a while

However, when Mars crashes into hard aspects with powerful Pluto on July 17 and explosive Uranus on July 18, your emotions could get the best of you. On the plus side, these transits could fill you with passion and inspire original actions that can lead to breakthroughs in relationships. It helps, of course, to behave responsibly with an eye toward creating something new instead of simply rebelling against the past.

The New Moon in sensitive Cancer on July 18 is square stern Saturn, which can feel confining. Yet this is also a signal to honestly address your own needs and commit to the discipline required to earn trust and increase self-respect. But then, on July 22, the life-giving Sun roars into expressive Leo and your playful 5th House of Romance. This boosts your confidence, garners attention, increases creativity and opens your heart. Pressure drops and pleasure grows to make you more joyful and desirable.