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June 2012 Aries Love Horoscope

Time for a tune-up

One planetary pattern in your favor this month is that your passionate ruling planet Mars is picking up speed after its lengthy retrograde cycle, which ended in late April. However, the warrior planet is still rattling around in your 6th House of Work, which means that managing the details of your job and daily life may still be demanding a great deal of your time.

June starts with the Sun in your 3rd House of Communication, a position that is favorable for light conversations. However, there's a Lunar Eclipse on June 4 that can turn discussions back to a past you thought you'd left behind. A bit of clean up might be required to clear the way for healthier relationships, and take any promises you hear from someone new with a bit of skepticism.

Brainy Mercury enters protective Cancer on June 7, bringing sensitivity to what you say and how you listen. It's excellent for slowing down your mind and tuning in with your feelings. However, it's important to be gentler with words, as snappy remarks tend to sting.

On June 20, the Sun enters Cancer and your domestic 4th House, putting more focus on your home and family life. Spending social time at your place or improving your housing are ways to find security that you need now. This could, though, make you seem introverted, at least in comparison to your usually direct way of being. You might prefer to be wooed than taking the initiative to ignite a current alliance or start a new one.