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March 2012 Aries Love Horoscope

In pursuit of pleasure

Do your best to keep your impulses in check and it will save you from personal difficulties this month. Still, it's almost impossible to maintain your cool in the second half of March when the Sun enters your spontaneous sign. But first we'll start with a reminder that a bit of self-restraint is called for when the month begins.

Assertive Mars, your key planet, is still back-pedaling in the zodiac, meaning that starting new relationships can be more difficult now. Putting energy into solving current issues is wiser than trying to race ahead too quickly. Getting your daily routine in order and attending to your physical well-being are healthy investments.

Mental Mercury turns retrograde in Aries on March 12, initiating a three-week period of complicated communications. A tendency to say the wrong thing or misunderstand others increases, requiring more careful attention to avoid these problems. Passion could peak with Mars' harmonious 120-degree trine with Venus on March 14. You should be feeling frisky and are able to take the initiative without coming across as overly aggressive.

Then, on March 19, the Sun fires into your impulsive sign before joining rebellious Uranus on March 24. This can be a heated period of time when your desire for freedom and new experiences overcomes caution. Giving yourself opportunities to explore fresh faces, places and activities is healthy, as long as you avoid making any serious commitments. Think of the latter part of the month as an experimental period when you break old rules in pursuit of new forms of pleasure.