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May 2012 Aries Love Horoscope

A moment of awakening

You may be anxious to catch up on missed opportunities with your impulsive ruling planet Mars still picking up speed since turning forward last month. It's wiser, though, to operate at a more placid pace to enjoy the sweet delights of the Sun in sensual Taurus.

This solar presence in your 2nd House of Values until May 20 is about quality, not quantity. Don't buy cheap things or waste your resources on quick thrills. Investing in yourself more thoughtfully makes you more desirable to others. Spending money to improve your body, your mind or to upgrade essential equipment adds value to your life and raises your self-esteem.

Relationships, both personal and professional, could be rocked with the intense Scorpio Full Moon on May 5. This might be a steaming volcano of emotions, yet could be a moment of awakening when you recognize what you desire most and what you cannot live with any longer.

Amorous Venus turns retrograde in your chatty 3rd House of Communication on May 15, which may slow down or muddle romantic messages. Yet a potent alignment of active Mars and profound Pluto on May 16 provides discernment to choose the right action and the power to get what you want. Your desire for a deeper connection may turn your attention to the past as you try to reignite an old romance. You might want to put an end to a fun but frivolous flirtation. Eliminating lightweight distractions can help you find your way to intimacy, and this is too good an opportunity to miss.