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November 2011 Aries Love Horoscope

Hot, hot, hot

Your love life could be extra spicy this month with several planets firing into daredevil Sagittarius and your 9th House of Adventure. Alluring Venus and communicative Mercury enter this outgoing sign on Nov. 2, which is likely to make you even friendlier than usual. Your desire to play fast and loose with your feelings by expressing them openly and honestly will be delightfully refreshing to some people and pushy and inappropriate to others. Fortunately, you're not running for public office so you don't need 50% approval to succeed.

In fact, you're likely to be willing to take plenty of risks in pursuit of pleasure with your passionate ruling planet Mars in self-confident and dramatic Leo until Nov. 8. Its opposition to dreamy Neptune on Nov. 7 is especially appealing for chasing fantasies. While escapes from the confines of ordinary reality can be fun, being fooled or fooling someone else in matters of the heart hurts. The following day Mars shifts into careful Virgo, which can dampen your overt expressions of enthusiasm. But in some ways, being more particular about how and where you invest your passion can make you more effective within a current relationship or more skillful at connecting with someone new. Happily, a favorable 120-degree trine between Mars and expansive Jupiter will kick your energy up to a higher level.

On Nov. 22 the Sun shifts into Sagittarius and your expansive 9th house. This will provide a second wave of passion and creativity and increase your capacity to get the attention that you seek.