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October 2011 Aries Love Horoscope

It's complicated

This could be a very dramatic and extreme month, one filled with the pleasure of pursuing love and the contrast of complicated partnerships. Your passionate ruling planet Mars spends all of October in outgoing Leo and your 5th House of Romance. This is a yummy transit that puts a bounce in your step and new life into old relationships. There's something young about this no matter what your age. That's because the enjoyment of self-expression and creative ways to be seductive can brighten many days and nights.

The life-giving Sun starts October in your 7th House of Partners, inviting others into your life. It's important to be kind and generous, especially when it comes to considering others' points of view. Taking the time to listen and really pay attention to someone requires patience, yet can pay off in delightful ways.

There is some chance, though, that you could find yourself dealing with a possessive or jealous individual as of October 8. That's because magnetic Venus dives into controlling Scorpio and your 8th House of Intimacy. The Sun does the same on October 23 to serve up a double dose of intensity.

These transits test your willingness to go deeper emotionally and commit yourself completely. While you might be happy to just have fun, it's likely that your current mate or a potential one is looking for more. October 26 is especially interesting as Venus forms a stressful 90-degree square with Mars, bringing the contrast between just playing and playing for keeps to a head.