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August 2012 Cancer Love Horoscope

Confidence is sexy

There could be a major shift in relationships this month. Venus, the planet of love, has been hanging out in non-committal Gemini and your secretive 12th House since early April. Finally, on August 7, she moves out of this obscure part of your chart and enters your sign. This graces your personality with more charm, making you attractive to others.

Still, you may get caught up in self-doubt as your confidence fluctuates according to your mood. But this is a favorable indication for taking the lead in personal matters by being the one who makes the first move. Venus aligns positively with imaginative Neptune on August 9, adding magic to matters of the heart. A romantic escape in reality or in your mind shows you how delicious life can be.

Investing more in yourself is the message of the Leo New Moon on August 17. It falls in your 2nd House of Self-Worth, indicating that time, money and energy spent to boost your image is a good idea. But it won't mean much unless you back it up by expressing yourself with more confidence.

Passion picks up with energetic Mars moving into sexy Scorpio and your 5th House of Romance on August 23. You don't need to be overly aggressive to get attention with this transit, as long as your intention to connect is strong. Subtle actions are likely to impress others, adding more spice to your current relationship or opening the door to an intimate encounter with someone new.