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December 2011 Cancer Love Horoscope

Potent partnerships

Relationships can be powerful and intense this month. That's because December starts with the love planet Venus in your 7th House of Partners. In principle, this should be good for meeting people or bringing more clarity to your current union. However, amorous Venus is in serious Capricorn and joins potent Pluto on Dec. 1. This is an intense combination that can arouse strong reactions and alter the course of a partnership. On one hand, there's an obsessive side that provokes jealousy and desire, as well as mistrust. On the other hand, uncertainty about your attractiveness or self-worth is possible. Don't bury your feelings, but don't overreact to them either. If you recognize needs that aren't being met, this is a signal to slowly and carefully start making meaningful changes. But be very thoughtful about the decisions you make now because they can have a lasting impact.

On Dec. 20 Venus floats into airy Aquarius and your 8th House of Deep Sharing. This initiates a several week period when getting closer requires giving your partner, or potential partner, more space. It may seem paradoxical that the best way to get to the depths of relationship is to step back to let yourself see the situation more objectively. Still, the Sun enters Capricorn and your 7th house on Dec. 22, keeping partnerships as a primary concern. However, the Sun forms stressful aspects with electrifying Uranus on Dec. 22 and transformational Pluto on Dec. 29 that can end the year with complexity in personal matters.