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February 2012 Cancer Love Horoscope

Bliss out

Dreams of faraway places and romantic escapes from your daily life are an intermittent theme this month. February starts with amorous Venus in magical Pisces and your 9th House of Travel. This can spark attraction to people from distant lands as you seek to stretch your cultural boundaries. Dealing with Earth-bound relationship realities, however, can be difficult during this transit. It's tempting to overlook important issues to avoid complications and emotional discomfort.

Venus' shift into fiery Aries on February 7 turns up the heat, provoking bold moves and bringing negative feelings into the open. It might not be pretty to be so intense, yet it's healthier than shutting down and hiding what's going on inside you. Besides, you need more action then and you can find the spunk to come on stronger with the one you love or in pursuit of someone new. Taking a leadership role in your job or another public position is a great way to get attention. You're more likely to be rewarded for your power and passion than for how sweet, tender and protective you are.

On February 18, however, the Sun shifts into spiritual Pisces to soften the edges of your desires and return you to a more imaginative and idealistic state of mind. On February 21, the New Moon in Pisces is joined by escapist Neptune, which can inspire you to greater heights of romantic bliss or push you to pursue unrealistic dreams. Balancing your highest hopes with some common sense keeps you from making foolish decisions.