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January 2012 Cancer Love Horoscope

Make your needs clear

Relationships are always important, but they may be even more significant this month. That's because the Sun passes through your two houses of partnership in January. It starts in serious Capricorn and your 7th House of Others, which could attract controlling individuals who tend to try and dominate you. Obviously that's not ideal, so you need to be stronger and clearer about what you want and don't want. This requires that you're with someone you can trust because there's little use negotiating with an unreliable individual.

The Full Moon on January 9 falls in your sign, bringing emotions to a boil. You may reach your limit and become overwhelmed with feelings or you can recognize that you've got to stand up for yourself. If you're single, this event can help you get more attention. Active Mars in pragmatic Virgo forms a favorable 60-degree sextile with the Full Moon, indicating the possibility that tackling practical matters can lead to emotional stability.

On January 20 the Sun enters quirky Aquarius and your 8th House of Deep Sharing. This is a bit of a paradox because this part of your chart is about intimacy, but Aquarius is a cool, freedom-loving sign. One interpretation is that closeness can't come out of obligation and necessity. It must, rather, be a free choice for both partners. Holding on to the past and bringing up old wounds may be good psychotherapy, but it is not an ideal way to take your current relationship to the next level or attract a desirable new partner.