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July 2012 Cancer Love Horoscope

Think things through

July opens with the Sun in your sensitive sign. The good news is that it enables you to get more attention. The challenge, though, is that you may be more reactive than usual. It helps to recognize that your moods will shift; some days you may look and feel great, while others you lack self-confidence. Don't attach too much importance to either extreme and you'll graciously be able to experience all the colors of your personality without going to extremes.

In fact, the Full Moon on July 3 falls in your 7th House of Partners, which can trigger some strong feelings. It's important, though, that you think things through and control your emotions, especially if you've got a hard personal decision to make. Potent Pluto's conjunction to the Full Moon could attract manipulative individuals. Don't give in to a bully, because compromising basic principles now is not going to make things easier later.

Instead, a more cold-blooded attitude about your needs and desires can push away doubt and help you get rid of attitudes and people you don't need -- which will then make room for a person who is as serious about relationships as you are. Fighting to survive in a difficult union is worthwhile if your partner is fully committed to working on making positive changes.

The New Moon on July 18 is in your sign, which generally is favorable for making a fresh start. However, serious Saturn's stressful 90-degree square to this lunation signals the importance of having clear goals, making a plan and finding the discipline to stick to it.