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June 2012 Cancer Love Horoscope

Express yourself

You might not have your heart into relating when June begins. That's because the life-giving Sun is in Gemini and your obscure 12th House of Privacy, which is more about quietly staying in the background than engaging in high levels of social activity. Sure, you can enjoy the company of others, as long as it's in a situation where you can connect without shouting or battling distractions. Spending time alone to rest, recuperate and find inspiration will be very helpful.

On June 7, verbal Mercury moves into your sign, increasing your capacity and need to express yourself. Words have great power to touch you and others now, so choose them carefully. Trying to explain your feelings and needs can make you feel more vulnerable, but when you do this with the right person you should gain trust and understanding.

On June 19, the New Moon falls in the last degree of Gemini, which can seem like your emptying your closet. It's out with the past and in with a fresh perspective on your relationship future. The following day, the Sun enters your tender and caring sign. This should boost your energy and make you more comfortable with getting attention and taking the initiative with people.

Still, even the most well laid plans could lead to surprises when the Cancer Sun collides with Uranus and Pluto on June 29. Tense aspects with the planets of rebellion and power could trigger restlessness, spring surprises and arouse suspicions that force you to take a hard look and see where changes are required.