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March 2012 Cancer Love Horoscope

Untangle the knots

You could get lost in Fantasyland during the first half of March, as the life-giving Sun in magical Pisces lights up your 9th House of Faraway Places. Dreams of ideal love can make reality look less appealing and increase your desire to escape. But this isn't time to jump ship, whether it's about leaving a relationship or giving up hope.

Problem solving will get you more than giving up, especially around the Full Moon on March 8. It occurs in pragmatic Virgo and your 3rd House of Communication, where it can sharpen your perceptions and help you to express yourself more clearly. You might experience a crisis that grows out of a misunderstanding, but this is a chance to fix problems instead of just worrying about them. Seek out the company of a logical person you trust who can help you to untangle a complicated situation.

Organizations and being with friends can be especially rewarding on March 13, when astrology's luckiest planets, Venus and Jupiter, join in your 11th House of Groups. Spending time with people who share your values and goals helps you to relax and have a good time without having to convince someone to see things the way that you do.

The New Moon on March 22 lands in your 10th House of Career, putting more focus on your public than on your private life. However, personal benefits may come when you're willing to take a leadership position. Innovation on the job kicks up your self-confidence, making you even more desirable personally.