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May 2012 Cancer Love Horoscope

Give yourself some space

Friends can be major sources of support and key connectors to new people this month. May begins with the Sun in grounded Taurus and your 11th House of Groups where it energizes teamwork until May 20. This favors meetings arranged by pals or through organizations. Working for a cause in which you believe can bring you closer to a person who shares your beliefs.

Love planet Venus is in an obscure part of your chart, which can slow down or complicate your personal life. She's in jittery Gemini, where it's hard to feel settled, even if you're in a long-term relationship. You probably need more space and some variety.

Matters grow more complex when Venus turns retrograde on May 15, beginning a six-week backward period that turns your mind and heart toward the past. Ideally, this romantic retrospective helps you clearly understand your personal history in ways that allow you to leave the less pleasant parts behind. If you're obsessing about an old love or dealing with regret, seek distractions instead of trying to enforce commitments that aren't ready to solidify.

On May 20 the Sun enters Gemini and your obscure 12th House, reinforcing the message that this is a better time for review and reflection than for forging ahead in a new partnership. In fact, there's a Gemini New Moon on May 20 that's also a Solar Eclipse. This event pushes emotions ahead of intellect, which can overwhelm you with feelings. However, a little bit of logic and a dash of detachment provide a clear perspective that helps you make wise decisions.