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September 2011 Cancer Love Horoscope

Keep Criticism Constructive

Discussing issues without being overly critical or becoming deflated by someone else's comments is a key issue this month. September starts with the Sun in analytical Virgo and your 3rd House of Communication, which can take a small remark and blow it up until it triggers a major incident. Cerebral Mercury enters this house on September 8 and evaluative Venus is in this part of your chart until September 14. The upside of these transits is the increased capacity to refine and define your needs so that you can make them clearer to others. It's essential, though, that all comments are presented constructively so that shortcomings can be addressed rather than left hanging over relationships like dark clouds of disapproval.

Emotions can soar with the Full Moon in Pisces on September 12, which can awaken you to unaddressed feelings or push you to a breaking point. First and foremost is the need for a forgiving attitude. Past hurts and current wounds can be seen from a broader perspective that allows you to recognize issues without drowning in them.

Bringing beauty and harmony into your home will have healing effects with lovely Venus' entry into your domestic 4th house on September 14, followed there by the creative Sun on September 23. There are likely to be some short-term bumps in the road toward making your place more attractive and finding inner harmony. Try to avoid overreacting to short-term crises around the New Moon on September 27 as circumstances can seem more threatening than they really are.