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December 2011 Capricorn Love Horoscope

It's complicated

This complex holiday month starts out on a serious note. The love planet Venus joins with intense Pluto in your sign on Dec. 1. Relationship issues are complicated by this powerful transit and it's possible that you just might clam up and keep your dark feelings to yourself. Yet trust isn't earned by quietly pulling strings or by withdrawing into a well of hurt. If you're brave enough to face your desires openly, this can be a trigger for positive transformation. Honestly addressing failure and other fears, though, is the best way to transform despair into hope.

There's a potential for play in the air on Dec. 5 when Venus aligns favorably with passionate Mars. But your disciplined ruling planet Saturn enters the picture, which requires a dash of patience and self-restraint.

The Sun's entry into your sign on Dec. 22 is, in principle, the start of a month of greater self-confidence. However, a pair of tough solar alignments suggests that these holidays may not be all about good will and peace on Earth. The Sun's stressful square with unpredictable Uranus can spark lightning bolts of rebellion and surprises on Dec. 22. Instead of settling into a well-managed groove, this aspect can increase nervous tension. Its upside, though, is a chance to free yourself from attitudes and obligations that hold you back from discovering new joys in life. The next astrological event might be even more important as the Capricorn Sun joins potent Pluto on Dec. 29. This can spur power struggles or arouse mistrust, yet can force you to get to the bottom of important personal issues.