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March 2012 Capricorn Love Horoscope

You're simply irresistible

There could be some deliciousness in your personal life this month. The source is Venus, the planet of love, which is entering sensual Taurus and your 5th House of Romance on March 5. Enjoying yourself in an easygoing manner is a great way to get attention without seeming like you're looking for it.

Keeping things simple, without projecting too far into the future, allows you to have pleasure without complications. There's something about simplicity and innocence that can make you more desirable to others. Spontaneous moments of delight are best, so slow down and smell the roses. You don't have to work hard for love or approval to get it now.

The middle of March is loaded with passion and an increasing taste for adventure. There's a rare conjunction of magnetic Venus and lucky Jupiter in in your 5th House on March 13 that's followed up with a big blast of energy from aggressive Mars and potent Pluto the next day. It's worth taking time out from your responsibilities to kick back, relax and let yourself play. You could also be at your seductive best, making you almost irresistible when you're showing your happy side. Artistic expression and creativity are other ways to benefit from the exciting planetary ride.

The latter part of March, though, is edgier as the Aries Sun crashes into rebellious Uranus in your domestic 4th House on March 24. Restless feelings at home can upset tranquility at your place, but this transit can also provide a major wake-up call that helps you break out of old patterns and head in exciting new directions.