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May 2012 Capricorn Love Horoscope

Live in the moment

May starts out on a mellow note with the sensual Taurus Sun warming your 5th House of Romance until May 20. Let yourself feel young and innocent again by exploring experiences and expressing emotions without worrying too much about where they're going to take you. Finding the simple pleasures in life warms your heart and makes you more attractive to others. Set aside relationship ambitions about the future to more fully enjoy the delights of the here and now. Yes, you may appear to be a bit less responsible than usual, but if that's what it takes to put you in a more relaxed state, so be it.

Communicative Mercury's entry into earthy Taurus and your fun-filled 5th House of Romance will start spurring playful ideas and conversations on May 9. If you slow down, you'll be more impressive when sharing your thoughts with others.

On May 13, the Sun joins expansive and optimistic Jupiter in your 5th House of Romance, marking the middle of a five-day period when taking chances to go for the love you want can be rewarded. There is, however, a slight chance of becoming so hopeful that you reach too far or overlook minor matters that might have major effects.

A key astrological event in matters of the heart occurs on May 15, when amorous Venus begins moving backward at the start of her 6-week retrograde period. This occurs in your 6th House of Work and Hobbies, reigniting interest in colleagues and individuals you met during leisure time activities. Consistency is not common during this transit, so allow your mind and mood to shift and give those you care for more slack as well.