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September 2011 Capricorn Love Horoscope

Explore Your Softer Side

September gets off to a good start with the heartwarming Sun and romantic Venus in the compatible Earth sign Virgo. This pair occupies your 9th House of Education and Travel, which can connect you with someone in a class, while studying or when you're on the road. Meeting people from different cultures or getting a romantic buzz from foreign music, food or art are other ways to tap into the goodness of these transits. There is a risk, though, of being overly picky or being with someone who gets caught up on petty details. Don't allow minor differences to spoil the big picture if it's a pretty one.

On September 12, a supersensitive Pisces Full Moon falls in your 3rd House of Communication. The negative side can be misunderstandings and overly emotional reactions. Yet your serious sign can do well with a bit of softening as it increases compassion and kindness, making you more accessible to others. Another factor that increases emotionalism this month is the presence of passionate Mars in cuddly Cancer and your 7th House of Partners until September 18. Yes, you may attract an illogical individual or have to be a bit more tender than usual. But this is also your chance to share your concerns and express your needs with uncommon tenderness. Then Mars enters bold Leo and your 8th House of Intimacy, raising the stakes in relationships. You want more but should be more courageous and creative in giving to a partner, making it a fair but sexily exciting exchange.