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December 2011 Love Horoscope

Tensions on the rise

December starts out on an intense note as the love planet Venus joins potent Pluto to intensify the weekend starting Thursday Dec. 1. Powerful feelings can stir passions that tend to push reason aside. Whether they are about the depths of desire or despair, we're unlikely to take things lightly.

Tensions are also high on Dec. 10 when the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in normally light-hearted Gemini takes on an edgy tone. This event would usually make for a high-spirited and playful Saturday, yet aggressive Mars forms a tense 90-degree square from fastidious Virgo to sharpen the atmosphere. There's a thin line between friendly teasing and criticism that is easily crossed at this testy time.

Communications tend to be cloudy until Dec. 13 when chatty Mercury shifts back into forward gear. Yet even though information should start to flow more easily then, speaking without thinking carefully can still produce embarrassment with this verbal planet in outspoken Sagittarius.

Feeling less than loved is possible on Dec. 18 when alluring Venus runs into a stressful square with negative-minded Saturn. Getting less approval and appreciation can be expected, yet the upside of this serious alignment is to become clearer about what's needed to make a relationship work.

The mood lightens as Venus enters quirky Aquarius on Dec. 20, spurring a taste for unusual people and experiences. The call for freedom grows for those who need more personal space in romance. This independent attitude continues through the holidays, perhaps spurring power struggles when Pluto is joined by the Sun on Dec. 29.