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February 2012 Free Love Horoscope

Sweet and spicy

February 14 is a funny time for Valentine's Day because it occurs with the Sun in Aquarius, a sign better known for intellect, idealism and friendship than romance. But two events on February 7 are likely to heat up relationships and put a little more fire into the holiday this year.

The Full Moon in warm-hearted Leo on February 7 dramatizes emotions and the need for attention. A willingness to take risks and express feelings more openly gives another boost to love. A key to enjoying the benefits of this Sun-Moon opposition is to be generous with others. Giving more than you get isn't always the wisest idea, but it makes sense with the powerful lunation.

Venus, the love planet, also changes signs on February 7, adding more fuel to the fire. She shifts from tender, spiritual and sweet Pisces, her traditional sign of exaltation, to spontaneous Aries. This impatient sign doesn't want to wait for pleasure or approval, provoking impulsive behavior and increasing hunger for someone or something new. The freshness of Aries can arouse some less than gracious behavior, but there's no beating around the bush about desire and partnerships with amorous Venus in this combative sign.

The Sun's move into sensitive Pisces on the February 18 provides a significant contrast with these bold planetary patterns. Hearts may race rapidly with Venus in Aries, but egos are soft and tender in solar Pisces. Ideally, this creates a balance of spicy and sweet, but it also signals the importance to be kind no matter how intensely we feel.