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August 2012 Gemini Love Horoscope

In the mood

August starts with the Sun in expressive Leo and your 3rd House of Communication, which helps to punch up your conversations with wit and personality. But you receive another dose of energy that gets you talking with even more confidence when your chatty ruling planet Mercury turns direct on August 7.

This ends Mercury's 3-week backward cycle, when messages were muddled with misunderstanding. The forward shift of this planet will lift your spirits and enliven your words with humor and creativity. You get in the mood for more fun as early as August 1, with a friendly Aquarius Full Moon spurring your taste for travel and unconventional experiences. Expansive Jupiter in your sign forms harmonious alignments with the Sun and Moon to increase confidence and curiosity.

A serious approach to matters of the heart is called for with a conjunction of passionate Mars and chilly Saturn in your 5th House of Romance on August 15. If you're well prepared, you can make a powerful impression on others, but if you try to act without proper preparation, you're more likely to encounter frustration than success. Take your time to put on the best face possible and you could earn respect that adds solidity to a relationship.

Fortunately, the bold Leo New Moon on August 17 gives you another chance if you mess up on August 15. Just take a deep breath, think carefully and you can make a more successful move then. The Sun's shift into earthy Virgo on August 22 puts practical matters in the foreground to temper play with a more serious sense of purpose.