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February 2012 Gemini Love Horoscope

Breaking down barriers

You may feel like you need to tiptoe around people's delicate emotions early in the month with sociable Venus in tender Pisces. This transit is in your 10th House of Responsibility, which can put more pressure on you to maintain peace and harmony. However, if you can bring a delicate touch to your work life, you may get favorable attention that's more personal than professional.

On February 7 Venus fires into impulsive Aries, adding spice to your romantic life. If you have a partner, seek out new activities together to put more passion into your relationship. Fighting is a risk if either of you is so bored that you need to cause trouble to make things interesting. Venus will be in your 11th House of Groups where it can enhance your romantic situation through organizations, friends or by working for a cause.

The rest of the month is an excellent time to experiment by seeking companionship and pleasure in unfamiliar circumstances. Give yourself a chance to try a variety of new activities instead of sticking to your usual round of people and places. Your brainy ruling planet Mercury slips into imaginative Pisces on February 13, increasing your sensitivity to what people say. Eliminating cutting remarks will make room for more intimate conversations that show your softer side. You're less likely to appreciate funny putdowns as feelings of vulnerability increase. But don't hide those delicate emotions in personal situations because they are melting barriers between you and someone else that can bring you closer together.